Monday, 31 March 2014

Letter to London

Sam Mckerras
March 17th 2014
Palmerston North
New Zealand 

Dear Julia, 

Thank you for the double decker bus and the questions and the letter. We Figured out the questions that you asked as we'll.

In New Zealand we have 4000 people and in London there is 8000 people. New Zealand is spit in two parts. My dad has been to London about 3 times my mum has been to a lot of places in here life.

I have not been London but Stephen our teacher has been to England before thought. 

Do you now oh the person oh  dose shot put for the NZ team is? Have you been to New Zealand before.

Yours sincerely

Hand goals

How did your Hand Goal turn out? What do you like about it? I like my goal hand because I used detail.

How are your goals going? I think my goals have been going really well because I had been improving them a lot.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Homework task

This week our class has to make a family tree we had a chose to make it on an I pad,computer or a pece of paper.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


We have been learning how to create a self-portrait using collage.
To be successful we need to:
  • -  Rip small pieces of paper
  • -  Stick paper down flat
  • -  Create a chin line
  • -  Collage in the correct places
  • -  Use the correct colours
  • -  Use contrasting colours for the background
  • -  Work hard and complete the task!
    I think I did well with my art.
    What I like best about my picture is that I tried my hardest.