Sunday, 22 June 2014


On Thursday morning the RSS seniors Marched to Skoglund park for the cross country.

The year 6 girls went first, it went all the way down to the year 3 boys. 
Then after quite a few minutes Susanne called us and said, "Can I have all of the year 3  boys over here for their race." After few minutes Troy called us for our warm up. After that the time was finally here it was my first race at Skoglund because the people the are years 3, 4, 5, and 6 go an I was a new entry for the race at Skoglund park for cross country.
Then the wurst part of the race it was the stairs and as soon as I got up I said to my self thank goodness for that. Then I ran the rest of the way.

When I was finished I was absolutely guttered so I sat down and had something to eat. Then a drop fell on my head and then it started raining an it was hard. Me and  my friends played underneath the veranda.

After a minute Ebony said to   Room 6, "Stand up room 6 because you have been sitting there that  HOLE time." So then we stood up and started to stroll down to the bus. Then we hoped into the bus and drove back to school.

When we got back to school we bounced up to the class and we said to Stephen "Good afternoon Stephen." Then we were off with a flash of thunder.

That was the amazing day of cross country.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


WALT: To read with fluency and expression

SUCCESS CRITERIA: To be successful

- Read at a steady pace, not too fast or not too slow
- Read each sentence with accuracy, not making too many mistakes
- Use good phrasing, paying attention to punctuation and sentence structure
- Change my voice to show feeling or to sound like different characters

ACTIVITY: In pairs record yourself reading a text for 1 minute using I movie. Send recording to Youtube and then post on your portfolio

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Non fiction and fiction

We have been learning about non fiction and fiction.

Robot Art

 WALT: Layer corrugated card to create a Robot

To be successful we need to....
 - Create a corrugated body section
 - Have at least 2 layers of corrugated card on main parts
 - Use a variety of different shapes
 - Cut shapes correctly
 - Use a ruler
 - Not show pencil lines
 - Fill up empty spaces
 - Stick pieces on with lots of glue
 - Create robot features