Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Co2 Car Diary-Day 3

Hi, back to Co2 racing cars. This is my Co2 racing car after 3 days of carving. The pieces becide the car are my add ons. The minimum amount of add ons is 3. My car snapped but Stephen said it will be ok to race.

Co2 Racing Cars

This is the starting kit for your car. You cut and carve on the car. There is wheels axles and add ons.
This is a picture of Finis and Patrick carving there car.
This is the carve of my car. I think it is cool. Stephen said to have it nice and light, that is what I tried to do and it turned out how I wanted it to be. I also cut myself when I was shaping and creating but it is better now. When we have made our cars we will race them. Stephen's favourite car is the Cobra. It is a kind of snake that he based his car on. Stephen has done 4 CO2 racing cars with 4 different classes.