Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Production Diary (Costumes)

WALT: to keep a diary and write what we are doing.

Day: 16.9.16

YAY!, my costume is finally finished I can't wait to get it over and done with because  I do not like dancing. I am proud of my effort in my costume the wings did break once but they have been finish.

This is my plan and my finished piece in me.

Day: 14.9.15

My costume is looking very alike to my original plan because I have added a couple of things. I think my costume is going to be about a 7/10. I am on schedule to finish with about an hour if not less. Werable art has been the most fun, hard and creative art I have ever done.

Day: 10.9.15
This is my costume. I have silver wings and a gold helmet. Tomorrow I am going to make 2 lightning bolts and soe them on my pants. And so on if I finish I will put some wholes in my wings and put some string through the wholes and put them on my T-shirt. Hope you like it!!!

Day 2 24.8.1

Today I am reflecting on my first crafting section and most of the day I wasn't really doing anything beacause I had to wait for my glue to dry on the balloon. I only got two layers of paper mache but at least the last one won't take that long. I think my black hat for the making process would be I didn't get my third layer on my creative way of making a helmet. For my yellow hat I thing I am happy I actually got two layers done and it was quite hard to oqupie myself well it was drying. My red hat would be I was feeling really good while I was making my costume because I just about finished.

Day 1 20.8.15

My feeling for this years costume are at top level because I have done a pretty clear plan. I am doing good in my planning and I think that I am going to have a good costume for the production. My black hat is my costume is, now this is what I think. My costume is a pretty good costume but that also means it is going to have to have a lot of effort put into the creation. The name of my costume is,
High I The Sky.

My planning