Monday, 15 August 2016

Manawatu Mathematics

This year me and 19 other kids got lucky enough to be in the Manawatu Mathematics which is a competition for the smartest year 5 to 13 students. There is 2 different sets of tasks, there is a 20 minute period to do 5 tasks. The tasks are often tangrams and geography but the quick fire tasks are area and perimeter, measurement and money. But the nerves, oh my gosh, the amount of nerves are are unbelieveable. The practice not so much but I am used to the nerves because I walk around town with dad and he can strike at any moment. My next step would be to get in as many mathematics competitions as possible. Here is a question from Mathex 2013.

 Feedback/FeedforwardI think you did really well on your description and you did really well explaining what you did.

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