Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Book Buddies Portfolio Post

Book buddies is a programme that was set up about 5/6 weeks ago. To get our book buddy we had to fill in a survey about our reading ability. My buddy is Jack Wilson, we are reading Bear Grylls Rage Of The Rhino and what we do is decide where to read each week or each day and then read to that part of the book. Here is our slide about what we have and don't be fooled, it is really hard. Feedback: Is your book buddy from your class? Same grade? Maybe tell me a bit more about what the goal of book buddies is. Mum
Feedfoward: Next time, maybe explain book buddies a bit more before telling us about your book and buddy. Mum

This programme is a good and hard way to get us reading more and I would change for any reading programme in the world. Sam

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