Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Behind The Gates Of Camp El Rancho

The reason why I chose this piece is because I like they way I wrote it. I also liked the kind of story it is because I like funny and textured stories like this. So if you want to know some reasons how camp can be improved, buckle up and hold on tight. Oh, and beware some of these things are just made to make you laugh. 

March 17

Camp writing 

Reasons How Camp Can Be Improved

Okay let's get on with talking about my dream camp. So in this story there will be all the information that you will need to know what my dream camp would be and there might even be a point in the story where you get inspired about writing your dream camp hope you enjoy.

1. There should be toilets in every room because, well picture this guys, It is 1.00am in the morning "oh I need to go so bad and it is so cold outside." Normally you would have hop out of your beautiful warm toasty sleeping, creep outside in the pitch black, icy cold, howly wind and do your business. If we had toilets in our rooms, we wouldn't become a human iceberg, we could do our business in peace.

2. No teachers farting in our cabins. Okay, so imagine Nic comes in to your room and said "all right you need to get to sleep" and then he gets his guns out and lets one off. Shuts the windows and doors, leaves us sitting on our beds all gassed out like prisoners in the war.

3. No Megaphones! Troy should stop using the mega phone. It is not his girlfriend, wait or is it. Don, Don, Don. The amount of time he spends with that thing would make his wife jealous. Seriously Troy, stop using it!

4. Technology is allowed on camp. We should be able to bring technology so we can stay up all night playing Minecraft and clash of clans. This would bring our cabin together closer and we would be able to make lasting friendships over game together.

5. Low ropes should be turned into tight ropes with trampolines at the bottom. I think that because then we can become mini circus performers and that way it wouldn't the most boring activity.

So those are 5 reasons how activities can be improved. So Let's get on with the cabins which  means we have to go back to Nic going round every cabin farting, once again (sorry Nic that was just to have a laugh.) So let's get on with it.

1. There should be a "make a sound" system to make fake farts to stink out your cabin mates so you can actually get to sleep. In other word flick a switch and my cabin mates are OUT

2. An indoor pool in our cabins. So we can do something fun in our cabins. Oh, and it will be  AWSOME!!!

3. On each bed there should be a secret prize of 1,000 dollars in cash personally given from our dear teachers Elly, Nic and Troy. Oh, and the reason for that one was because that would just be AWESOME

That would make a dream camp for me. I wonder what your dream camp is.

Feedback: nice explaining why we should change things at camp I would think the same way.
Feedford: maybe talk more about the actives.

It was fun writing this piece and I had some laughs well writing it. If you have read the story you could probably guess which ones I had a laugh about well writing. If you like it please leave a comment I know what I can work on next time I write a story for my blog.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Whakapapa/Family Tree

We have been learning about family trees. We have not been doing any old family we have been translating it into Maori. We have been presenting it by making poster, 3D models and everything. Here is my model of my whakapapa

Camp Portfolio 2016

Every second year the year 5 and 6 seniors from RSS go on camp. We went this year and the camp we went to this year was camp El Rancho. There was ten activities that we did. These are some of them. Archery, Rifles, Horse riding, Rafting and kayaks. Remember that is not all of them that is only 5 of them. We had cabins and the whole lot. There was three lots of cabins. There was 3 different cabin groups there was. Willow, Poplar and Oreagan. I was in Oreagan it was the main boys cabin. Poplar was the main girls cabin. On the first day we got there we did two activities. The activities I did was rafting and kayaks. The next day was Wednesday and we did 3 activities I cant quite remember the  activities. So you get the message we do 2 or 3 activities a day.
Feedback: I like how you described deeply in your writing.
Feedford: Next time try to write clearly.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

My One Word Art 2016


So you've heard of a New Years Resulustion and we have done something simaler here in Poutama. It is called a "one word." My one word is growth because I want to grow in many things. So the first thing that i did is choose a word and then we made it into a piece of artwork. Everyone made animals, rugby balls everything you can think of that can turn into a letter. I didn't exactly turn mine into there kind of creative word, I did mirror writing but I'm still proud of my work. It stands out for me and I bet everyone's art stands out to them aswell.


Feedback: I like the word growth I means that you can grow from you mistakes
Feedford: I think you should add a bit less in your art

Thanks Angus

It was a hard task but I like the results. I think that next time I should make my "one word" bit more clear beacaus I can't really see it that well. But other than that I can't see anything else that needs working on. If you think there is something I need to work on please leave a comment.

Camp Goals

Camp is coming up soon so I need to write down some goals for camp. We are going to get El rancho. Is my goals, hope you like them.

Goal 1:
Make a new friend so I have another option when football is not an option.

Goal 2:
Try new activities to do at home so we won't be sitting round at home.